Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gary Boy!!

Gary boy is now 26 years old. One year older and hopefully he enjoys great health and happiness in abundance :-)

Not bad, this year a good year it has been. Almost all of the resolutions were achieved before the first half of the year was due, with only one or two still left unresolved . Maybe the time has not come yet or maybe Gary boy hasn't been working hard on them :-p Overall, this year so far was like a repeat of 2007, above average :-)

That's how the day started.... Training :-/

Brownie as birthday cake :-p Thanks Mom and Dad and Sis :-) Love you all always :-)

The big boy :-p

Then came another few rounds of celebrations, thanks to buddy Chickuboy for the dinner at Manhattan Fish Market and also to fellow colleagues for the treat at Neway :-) And not forgetting the very early celebration in Cherating :-)

Let's toast to a better year ahead and may all of Gary boy's dreams come true :-)


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