Monday, September 28, 2009

Cherating Trip 2009

Finally had my long awaited holiday after the submission of my thesis. The pre-planned trip to Phuket in July was called off during the last minute due to the H1N1 scare. Managed to get a 80% refund of the hotel booking but none of the flight one :-(

As for this Cherating trip, I said yes to it about 1 week before the actual trip, thinking that I could unwind after years of hard work and sacrifices... and also to clear my mind off of certain things, things that happened just 2-3 days before I took the plunge and informed my colleague that I wanted in. It was a good and pleasant trip, went on a Saturday and came back on Monday. Maybe I'll just let the photos to do the talking :-)

Inside the compound of the chalet

The chalet

One of the animals that you can find within the vicinity of the resort

One cute fella here :-)

Another shot of Jack (that's what I called it) :-p

Endangered species Size M

Endangered species Size S

And the animals from outside - Colleague with her furkids

Wooo....10 years old! I think I qualify!! :-p

The overall look of the resort from outside

...and it has a tree-house!!

Inside the tree-house

The main support of this nice and cozy place :-)

...and most of all, THE BEACH BABBEEEYYY!!!

I think that this will make a very nice wallpaper :-)

Ahhhh.... the ultimate solitude of life!! :-)

Being spy-shot-ed while looking for treasures (a message in a bottle perhaps) :-p

Toast with half-boiled egg and special curry!

Ice-blended choc lava! :-D

Nice....just nice...

My mark on the beach with my errr.... footsteps :-p

Loads of these over here...

...and time for ATVs!!!!

Is there something wrong with my eyes or did I look like a small kid in this pic?? :-p

Mom said that I looked like a kampung kid here :-/

Group photo, courtesy of Jason :-)


On the second night, my colleagues celebrated my birthday, by bringing me out to this pub called Little Bali. To cut the story short, I came out feeling tipsy but sober :-p hehehehe

Really nice holiday indeed for me. Reflected lots about life during my long hours sitting on the beach alone, and thinking bout the thing that happened earlier :-) Life....




Quinn said...

Jeez....Me and you both have the same surname. How sweet~

The Marktrix said...

Ohh is it? hahaha you must be my long lost sister then :-p hahha

But on the other hand, the Chinese character might be different :-)

Quinn said...

I can't write chinese but I know this is how it look like : 黄 which means yellow :)

The Marktrix said...

oh its different then. Mine is 吴 hehehe