Saturday, August 29, 2009


Wooohooo Tanggal Tiga Puluh Satu, Bulan Lapan Lima Puluh Tujuh.... :-p

Long weekend for most of us haha Not a bad one for me too I hope, starting off with replacement classes on Saturday morn :-(....but what happens after that will surely bring all the high blood pressure accumulated throughout the past few months to come down drastically :-p

Knowing that I'm quite a picky person, my friends had actually 'booked' me for this weekend 2 weeks ago hahahaa but the schedule sounds fun also-lah :-p

Sat - Replacement classes till 12pm. Then, I'll be off to watch UP in 3D and Karaoke session after that till night :-D

Didn't ask for this. My bunch of friends wanted me to show proof that I've indeed been to the movie :-/

Happy moments before got allergic to the oysters and my ears got itchy and throat got swollen :-/

Sun - Picnic-cum-Zorbing session at Lake Titiwangsa. Going to experience how fun it is being a hamster in a globe :-p Followed by a prawn-fishing thingy :-/

Prawn ah prawn.... where are thee?

In the orb, before the roll.

During the roll. Trust me... this is not for the faint hearted! It's comparable to a roller coaster ride!

Chilling out while waiting for others to finish their rolls :-p

Mon - Futsal!!! Dim Sum Buffet @ Mandarin Palace, Federal Hotel with family :-D

Very nice environment indeed. Classic Chinese style and atmosphere :-D

One of the many rounds that we've gone through. Personally, I've consumed 6-7 baskets of 'Siu Mai', amongst other delicacies :-p

With Grandpa. Love this pic a lot. Very Nyonya-ish :-p

I guess these 3 days will drain my battery like nobody's business and I'll be left wondering what to do for Tuesday :-p Well, on another note, this will look like a proper holiday for me in a very long time :-D

WOOOHOOOO!!!!! A 'High' weekend indeed!! :-D

Hope that you have a great weekend and Happy Merdeka to Malaysia :-)



Quinn said...

Are you a Peranakan? Or Grandpa is one?

The Marktrix said...

Hi Quinn,

Whoa how did you guess?? Well, I'm already filtered for quite a few generations already :-p My great-grandparents (and the generations before them) were Babas & Nyonyas back in Malacca :-)

Quinn said...

Sweet, cuz I'm from Malacca like long long time ago but my parents brought us up in KL. Grandpa look quite tan so I sorta guess so. And you're definitely baba celup (filtered baba) cuz you're pretty fair! I'm celup too, it's okay :) I was once from Monash, I hope it didn't change much....

The Marktrix said...

hahaha I've lost all the traits of a Baba :-p Celup till nothing left already :-p

Well, Monash has a new campus now, since 2007. But still in Sunway :-)

Quinn said...

I actually left Monash like end of 2007 before I left for Australia. So managed to utilize the new campus for a semester :p

The Marktrix said...

Ohh... well at least you got to enjoy the new campus for a short duration of time :-p It's expanding now, with construction for Phase 2 underway :-)