Sunday, August 23, 2009

August - Money Sucking Month

That how I describe August 2009, a month where my wallet is sucked dry and I'm left with nothing to save :-(

But some of the spendings were well spent actually. For instance, the money spent on buying the past years SPM papers for my Sis. I could still remember being in MPH Jusco Maluri, browsing through the tech mags when I stumbled upon the piles of the past exam papers. Automatically, the Aunty mode was turned on and I found myself squeezing in between the other real aunties there to get hold of the books for my Sis hahaha Well, not bad that I managed to get everything except for the Sejarah papers. I could now just hope that Trin will do her best in her exams and not trying too hard to compare with my past achievements :-) Remember Sis, you are who you are and you are special & unique in your own way :-)

The other well spent item would be the dinner at Sakae Sushi, Pavilion to celebrate Dad's bday! I happened just a while ago actually hahaha Brought the whole family to Pavilion together with a close family friend and we did had a real hearty meal and really enjoyed ourselves big time. The food was nice, the ambience was good, and most importantly, there was no crowd! Bon Appetit indeed....ooops I meant Itadakimasu :-p

Then there were some unexpected and kinda unecessary spendings such as the suit from G2000. Me, who had never owned any piece of suit or any business jacket before, have to buy one this time round because this special event that I'm bout to attend clearly states that the dresscode is Business Attire. And it'll happen on top of a building, that's right... on a rooftop. Just hope that the weather will be gentle on me that day, seeing that I sweat very easily :-/ And while I was there at Mid Valley, I got myself another 2 additional G2000 working shirts = more money spent. Well, just hope that I can still fit into the suit on my wedding day which will happen.... errrr.... we'll get to that when it comes, shall we? hahaha

As for the other spendings, I don't think it would be good to disclose them here but all I can say is that I'm currently broke for the month. But with Snow Leopard coming up in late August and also the extended warranty for my MacBook deadline creeping up in November, I guess that I won't be able to save for another month or two.... :'( If only money grows on trees or drops from the sky hahaha

That's all folks from me now. Hope that you had a great weekend. I had a great one indeed :-)



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