Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Dedication to 老表 Yuan Wu

This post is dedicated to a great buddy of mine, YW who's gonna leave the "Cheras TalkCock Gang" (although one of the members is from Ampang :-p) for China, carving his career path there and maybe also his future *ahem* life :-p

A great thanks to him for being there all this while, for being a great friend throughout these 12 years. How time flies eh YW? hahaha Though I dislike him as much for being a constant latecomer and also for being foul-mouthed :-p But nevertheless, being a good buddy means accepting him for what he is YW, you're forgiven la....hahahahhaa

Wish you all the best in China and please please please do grab yourself a good and decent girl while you are there....for all our (CS, CM, Henry, your mom :-p etc.) sake... :-p And all the best in your work alrite? Take care man!

It's been such a long time since I've written any poem, but seeing you such a good friend, I break the rule for once la (was actually reserving it for my girlfriend if I ever manage to find one :-p)


Within the garden of my heart
Friendship flowers grow true
Blossoms of remembrance tell my thoughts of you
Flowers will always bloom
Whatever be the weather
Their fragrance is the memory
Of the days we spent together

Woi, 老表! Are you touched or not??!!! hahaha Cheers mate! Will catch up with you when you come back! :-)

From the Craptrix :-)


YYW said...

Wah lau, poem for me! Gaydar alert! Gaydar alert!

Wordpress is banned up here in this Great Firewall of China. So, your comment box will serve as a temporary blog for me! X^D

The boss is not around these 2-3 days. After talking to some people... I'm having second thoughts. Is this as good as it sounds like. And talking about salary... i'm feeling a bit depressed already. gradutate = 1500RMB. Rent a in town area also +,-1000RMB. I'm lucky that I'm staying in my boss's old house. If not, sure mati!

Grab a decent girl here eh? A pretty China girl studying in KDU chatted me up in the airport. Why oh why didn't I ask for her email?! =(

Eh, you go and increase the contrast of the photo kah? Or is it SE's photos memang cacat like that one?

The Marktrix said...

Hahaha feel free to spam my blog then :-p

Wow...that doesnt sound so good to me. Maybe you could try to adjust yourself for a few more months. The pay really can make you mati man!

WHY???!!! Why didnt you get her email or smthing?? What man??!! And I was not there to kacau you like how I used to do :-p Sigh.... YW oh YW...

iPhone camera memang like that la...only 2MP bro, what you expect?

Anyway, do keep us updated bout your life over there la... :-)