Sunday, April 13, 2008

Do you have a quarter millions to spare?

It happened yesterday in the afternoon when I was doing my work at home and my mom came back saying

"Ah Boy (yeah, my mom calls me that), there're two trucks with the 'Vista' labels parked outside the electrical shop next to the seafood restaurant opposite Leisure Mall "

Upon hearing that, I actually jumped out of my seat thinking,

"Microsoft Vista having a roadshow at an electrical shop in Cheras when there's a PC Fair going on at KLCC???"

Doesn't sound right, but worth a checkout anyhow. So we left early in the evening, planning to have our dinner after checking out the 'Vista' trucks. With hopes up high of buying a 'Vista' license at discounted price (although it sucks :-p) like what they did at APIIT and TAR (they sold each license out at RM10, no joke!!).

Reached that place and immediately my hopes fell like the Wall Street in USA. It turned out that the trucks was not labelled with 'Vista' but rather 'Viera'!!. Yeah, mom saw it wrongly and it's actually a roadshow by Panasonic to promote its latest range of LCD and Plasma TVs. So, since we're already there, might as well check it out-lah.

I wasn't disappointed actually. First of all, the DJ played some very nice songs from the 60s-80s (Beatles, Wham and the list goes on, I'm still stuck in the yesteryears :-p). The exhibition was held in 2 giant trucks connected together via a metal platform, quite a cool thing actually. Once we stepped into (or rather onto, there're stairs you see :-p) the truck, we were greeted by the largest Plasma Screen in the World. 103 inches!!! 3 inches more than the largest by Sony. Due to the limited space and still being 'shy' of showing my iPhone in public, I only managed to get only 1 photo (sorry guys :-) ), the one of utmost importance - the Price of the giant

YUP!!! It's priced at a whopping RM250,000. That's about RM2500 for every inch!! haha...technically speaking it is :-p There's no doubt in the greatness of the technology involved:- 1,000,000 : 1 colour ratio and so on. But a quarter mil for a TV is like paying RM1000 for a litre of sand from Sahara. I'm sure that ordinary homo-sapiens like me would rather spend that money on a property investment or even on a Mazda RX-8 (that's with lots of leftover somemore haha) while some rich people out there will find that the price is not expensive at all. After all, it's the largest plasma tv in the world. But I strongly discourage any of you to attempt to steal it since you'll have great difficulties in hiding the loot :-p. Furthermore, if you don't have a Blueray disc player or your collection of movies are not in HD mode, then I'm sure that you'll see a great amount of 'sand' on the screen hahaha

Therefore, with great technology (and size :-p) comes great price where only the rich and famous can enjoy. To them, happy watching (or rather counting sand :-p) on the TV and to us, a good old CRT/32' LCD is just brilliant. :-)


Anonymous said...

A quarter mil for a TV? Crap, I can watch 25000 movies in the cinema with bigger screen!

The Marktrix said...

haha...very true indeed