Saturday, July 26, 2014

Making MATLAB compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite Public Beta

The 2 videos below (in chronological order) shall serve as the essential guides to enable the compatibility of running MATLAB on Yosemite. I have tested the solutions myself. Both MATLAB and Simulink run perfectly well after the tweaks.

Credits go to Behrad Bagheri for making the videos.



Wiley Fisher said...

Actually there is a much better way to run it on Yosemite. It runs fine without system hacks or desktop aliases.

Download the patch here:

The Marktrix said...

Thank you! That's very useful :)

David said...

Thanks but this doesn't work for me. I've tried twice. Replaced the plist file and added the patch to the Java folder. MATLAB hangs at startup splash screen

David said...

My apologies this patch does work!

I was trying to use this with MATALB 2013a. I've upgraded to MATLAB 2014a and can confirm the patch works.

The Marktrix said...

That's great guys :)