Monday, May 3, 2010

Jailbreaking iPhone OS 3.1.3 with Spirit

For iPhone 3GS owners who were being held back from jailbreaking their devices running on 3.1.3, you can now celebrate with champagne as the new jailbreak software, called Spirit is out today!!

All it takes is you downloading the software from here and run it on your computer. You do not have to restore your device whatsoever. All it takes is to run the software and your device will reboot and upon rebooting, you'll see Cydia sitting handsomely on your Springboard :-) And most of all, it's untethered! So you do not have to run the jailbreak software everytime you restart your device... sweet...

As you can see, the program has only one button and the process takes less than 10secs to complete.

The Spirit is unleashed!!

... and your device is freed :p

*Kindly be forewarned that jailbreaking with Spirit clears all your pictures in the Camera Roll folder. So remember to do a final Backup via iTunes before jailbreaking and to Restore from Backup to get the pics back later.

*Spirit does not unlock your phone. And if you have used an unlock on your device, or that you are using tethered jailbreak at the moment, kindly read the instructions on the Spirit website here.

Cheers to the freed

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