Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour @ 8.30pm - 9.30pm, 28 March 2009

Did you turn off your lights? Well I did. In fact, the only thing that was turned on was the refrigerator. My laptop, lights, fans, airconds, TVs, Hi-Fi and even my emergency light at home was put to rest for that one hour in support of our great Mother Earth.

But since I can't live without at least a fan spinning to blow me some air, I decided to take a walk outside, around my neighbourhood to get some fresh cool air and was glad that it was a cooling night...with some gentle breeze blowing softly... Nice :-) And I was happy too that most of my neighbours supported the great event and from the lookout point outside my home, my part of Cheras was quite dark too :-) Good that people are starting to participate in taking care of our environment now. It's never too late ;-) And to keep my full one and a half hours occupied (I personally started 15mins earlier and only turned on the lights at 9.45pm), after the walk around the neighbourhood which took about 25mins, I joint the kids living a few units away with their candles and lanterns hahaha feeling much like Mid Autumn Festival back then :-p

Squatting outside neighbours house with the kids playing lanterns and candles :-p

One of the very rare moments where you could just lay down in the middle of the road and not afraid a car would run over you :-p

A new friend that I met during Earth Hour :-p

Sis loves to camwhore, so I reluctantly (hmm...maybe not :-p) participated haha

And to end it, this is one great article to read on what's going on in Australia. It seems that they got some volunteers (I think) to peddle some bikes from 23rd till 28th March this year to generate enough energy (much like a dynamo) to power a live concert! Not bad for an all-man-powered concert. Head on to
here for the details.

For the good of Mother Earth and to mankind :-)


iamyuanwu said...

Malaysia needs a lot more of Earth Hour, man. Our awareness to protect the environments is cacated at best. =P

It's almost Earth Hour every night here in HZ =P. The street lights are dim, apartment lights are few and far between, the staircase have motion sensors that only turns on for 1 minute. (High electricity bill is one reason), no motorbikes and only electric bicycles are allowed.

I figure the Msian version is just a hype, those hippie type of people participating to brag about it later (people like me). But I'm still proud that Msians are still willing to do it! Way to go, baybeh!

I hope it the awareness generated carries on to daily life.
-Do you bring your own bag, or do you still accept plastic bags when shopping (sometimes even 2 layers, or even when buying only 1-2 items)?
-Does your office turn on the air cond at the coldest setting when it's not necessary for that cold? (A China man mentioned to me that the offices in Msia are so cold it's like early winter)

The Marktrix said...

So do you mean that you are a bloody hypocrite? :-p

iamyuanwu said...

Alamak, rahsia terbocor oleh si Mark.

Eh, but I bring my own bag when shopping nowadays.