Thursday, September 4, 2008

...almost another year...

*updated with FINAL date and venue for the gathering this year

Venue: My place
Date: latest update is 14th Sept (Sun)
Time: 6.30pm to 10.30pm (can't stay too late cuz it's a working Monday day after)

YW -> Preparing spaghetti (make sure the spaghetti's delicious :-p)
CS & CM & MY -> Can you guys bring some mooncakes?? A box of 4 will do la. Can steal from CS's & CM's dad :-p
Henry -> No need to prepare anything...just come and enjoy...and no alcohol for you :-p
Me -> Providing the place for the gathering is kind enough :-p If time permits I'll make some western promise la ya :-p Lanterns and candles have been bought :-)

Guys, please have some light meals before coming....just in case the spaghetti guy FFK the food on us :-p

For these past few weeks, I spent a lot of time looking back at 2007...a year which was great for me...a year where everything worked out right and went very smoothly I might add: my upgrade from Masters to PhD, my research work, I managed to achieve all my resolutions even before the 4th quarter of the year came to play (except for a particular one which I have not achieved before until today and of which I thought I'd have achieved a few weeks back but no, it didn't happen)....and I was not disappointed in any sense...a great year indeed.

Now in 2008, I only managed to achieve one..ONE!!! of the few resolutions that I had planned for....and it's not even a major resolution....sigh. Been feeling quite down lately actually...nothing seems to work out right, everything falls apart almost at the same time or one right after another. One of the thing is my PhD....the deadline is coming in a few months' time and this final hurdle is extremely hard for me....really can't do it alone but thanks to my family for their endless support and unconditional love :-) What to do after my PhD??? Ask me that next year haha The other thing is something that I truly regretted not achieving simply because I've delayed it for too long and maybe not putting in sufficient effort...

The Chinese said that 2008 the year of the Rat is a good year, but to me it's one of the worst years so far.....been reading that a continuous feeling of being down (depression, I hope I'm not depressed though) causes a lot of health problems so I'm trying very hard to get out of it!!

So I went and dug up my good ol' Panasonic VS2 phone and found some photos and videos still stored inside....some that I can cherish to I of them is this

CS aka Chickuboy, Henry aka CiB (bit drunk :-p), YW aka 老表 and I (no I'm not gonna tell you my nicknames :-p)

Took this photo on 26-9-2007, where these guys came over to my place for a Mid Autumn Festival gathering by playing Cluedo and as you can see, Henry got bit high from just a can of Carlsberg :-p Friends of more than 10 years since highschool (CS and Henry since primary) who have remain loyal all along. Really appreciate their friendships :-) Thanks guys....Looking at photos like this I feel a sudden 感触感 hahaha don't know why....well, maybe as we get older we have more worries and not willing to let go of certain things in life :-p

This year's gathering is on Please Read First Line In Bold of This Post but this time round we have a new member joining us.....CS's 'baby' haha that also if he and his gf is joining us few sebatang kara-s :-p Let's up the ante and play some candles and lanterns this year shall we?? :-) And to CS and Amber, no PDA (Public Display of Affection) at my place ya....cuz my place is holy :-p hahaha

Getting really tired now....I ought to go to sleep...I think I'll do that after I've solved this equation for my research :-p



Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Henry is drunk alright.

The Marktrix said...

He's already high and you were trying to feed him your Aus beer through his ear?? hahahha