Saturday, July 26, 2008

Busy Busy Busy....

Been extremely busy lately....allow me to justify the delay in my post :-p

Exactly a month ago, I was bedridden for the entire week due to a bad, it's been a long time since I've seen my family doctor (bout 2+ years i think) and for this past month, I've seen him TWICE!! "Woi, so free to see me ar?"....what a joker. But we had nice chats though, regarding the errr......virus and of course his ballooning belly :-p

Right after that, had to rush for my preparation for my conference in Seoul (more posts and photos bout that when my shoulders are less heavy :-) ). 6th July, I was off to Seoul. Didn't have much sleep over there...been making full use of the free hours to go sightseeing and not for me, but for all the females in my family :-(

Came back on the 12th and the new semester has started...need to prepare the work for the new sem and therefore - Busy Take #2

And last week, Monash had its 10th and 50th Anniversaries celebration (Congrats by the way) and postgrads were supposed to run the shows - presenting seminars and of course the poster competition - Busy Take #3

Now that it's over, I have the time again to do my research work...still being sleep deprived :-)
Although my PhD studies is effectively due in May next year, it seems that all related parties have confirmed that I'm gonna finish before CNY next year. And since CNY 2009 falls at the of January, that means I have about.....hmm let's see....exactly half a year to write another 2 papers and also my thesis (of which I have only completed the front cover and the General Declaration part). Let's hope I'm not personally finished by then too :-p I shall psycho myself by saying that I have the confidence to complete that on time...hopefully. *Fingers crossed* - Busy Take #

And come November, I'm supposed to perform at the Heat Pipe Symposium. What to sing? Hmmm...."Release Me" by Engelbert Humperdinck
sounds like a good choice :-p

Alrite, gotta get back to work...

Oh, go watch Dark Knight if you haven't seen it. Darn good movie. "Why so serious??? *cackle* " :-p

Cheers from the monk who ate beef and drank wine in Seoul :-p

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