Saturday, March 29, 2008

My first blog!!

Hi guys. This is Mark here with my first post on my blog. Yeah, finally got down to create my own blog after much persuasion by my sis (basically she has been pestering me since day 1 she created her own blog).

Anyhow, quite happy to have my own blog. Here, I'll try to do some coverage of some tech news and also some reviews of the products/software that i have/using.

Since I am an avid Linux fan, I plan to do a coverage of the Linux distro that I'm using - PCLinuxOS, with a KDE platform. Then maybe I'll try to put in some stuff about the PSP since I personally own a PSP Slim and Lite - Felicia Blue running on 3.71-m33 firmware. Lastly, I'll try to provide some updates and reviews of the latest iPhone apps out there that are nice and useful.

Till then, good day everyone :-)

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